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मुद्दा हो या कोई ख़ास बात
साँझा करिये हमारे साथ
हम हैं
Ssweven Media

Revolutionising the content for Patriotic Indian as a catalyst and facilitator for a headway to

5 Trillion Dollar Economy

Media Platform

Print Media

Electronic Media


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Content Syndication Services

News & Business Channels

  • Revolutionary News Pegs
  • Society and Community News Pegs
  • Listed Company Stories
  • Share Market & Commodity Analytics
  • MSME & Startup Success Stories
  • Industries & Economy News
  • Government Institutions Coverage
  • Untold stories of Entrepreneurs

Entertainment Channels

  • Soul Yatra - Show on religious places
  • Yatra - Show on Tourist places
  • Inspirational Talk Show with Brand Ambassadors
  • Talent Upliftment Stories
  • Cultural Event Coverage
  • City-wise Events Coverage

Devotional Channels

  • Religious Events
  • Motivational Shows

मुद्दो को इर्द - गिर्द नहीं घुमाते है हम ! हमारा मकसद है
मुद्दो को उजाकर करके सच सामने लाना
हम हैं
Ssweven Media